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Gift box "Melicera" POUPADOU, front view

Gift box "Melicera"

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This box is an ode to artisanal honey!

Wildflower Honey is the flavourful result of four different blends of honeys harvested in Greece: wild flowers, orange blossom, heather and thyme honey. Its taste is well balanced and it leaves a sweet aftertaste of vanilla and pepper which makes it unforgettable!

Honey with black truffle is a gourmet choice for anyone looking for original flavors. The harmony of the secret undergrounds of the earth with the nectar of flowers reveals a gastronomic treasure!

LukuMakis is a delicious traditional Greek confectionery whose family recipe comes from Constantinople. These loukoums are prepared with love and are enhanced by the rich taste of Greek fir honey which partially replaces sugar!

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