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    Olive oil soap and “Evil Eye” box RIZES CRETE, front view

    Olive oil soap and “Evil Eye” box

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    Immerse yourself in Mediterranean richness while protecting yourself from negative energies with olive oil soap, carefully presented in the “Evil Eye” box. This soap embodies the ancestral tradition of olive oil, renowned for its nourishing and moisturizing benefits for the skin.

    Olive oil envelops your skin in velvety softness, preserving its natural radiance while protecting it from external aggressions. Each use is an exquisite cleansing experience that flushes out impurities while maintaining your skin's natural balance.

    The “Evil Eye” box which houses this Mediterranean treasure is a reference to this motif which is known to ward off negative energies. Treat yourself to skin care while enjoying this powerful symbolism.

    This olive oil soap in the “Mauvais oeil” box is much more than just a beauty product. It's a ritual that connects you to Greek tradition and culture... all in a beautiful decorative box!

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