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    Volcanic Soil olive oil soap 100g RIZES CRETE, front view

    Volcanic Soil olive oil soap

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    Immerse yourself in the pure essence of nature with this artisanal soap that is the result of the harmonious fusion of two treasures of the earth: nourishing olive oil and mineral-rich volcanic rock.

    Olive oil gives this soap an incomparable richness in hydration, leaving your skin soft, supple and radiant. Lava minerals, sourced from deep within the earth, provide a natural exfoliation, helping to gently remove impurities and dead cells, revealing brighter, revitalized skin.

    Its creamy texture creates a delicate foam that cleanses deeply while preserving the natural balance of your skin. You will feel instantly refreshed and revitalized after each use.

    Each application is a sensory escape to the majestic landscapes where olive trees thrive amid volcanic landscapes. Treat yourself to the luxury of nature in your daily care routine!

    Nourish your skin deeply, reveal its natural beauty and discover a feeling of freshness and purity like never before.

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