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    Spicy pomegranate chutney 250g

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    Rooby's natural pomegranate juice becomes spicy chutney!

    The history of chutneys began in India, where it served food preservation due to lack of refrigerators. Later, it was adopted by British cuisine and evolved into the sweet and sour sauce that accompanies many meals. Rooby spicy chutney is made from 100% Greek fresh vegetables such as carrot and pepper, grape and pomegranate juice.

    The spicy chutney is a great accompaniment to meat dishes, burgers, cheese varieties for your aperitif or meal and even traditional Greek dishes such as fasolada (bean soup).

    Best-before date soon (20/04/2023), but the product remains delicious and consumable after this date so hurry up to take advantage of this exceptional offer!

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