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    Ypovrychio Sweet with Mastiha of Chios 300g

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    Ypovrychio which means in greek "submarine" is a traditional dessert of the greek cuisine of sweet white paste which usually accompanies greek coffee and served in a glass of very cold water.

    The usual way to eat it is to take a spoonful, dip it in a glass of water, and eat it like a lollipop by plunging it back into the glass of water. The water at the end will be scented with mastiha!

    Ypovrychio traditionally comes in two flavours, vanilla and mastiha. This Ypovrychio is flavoured with mastiha P.D.O. from Chios. Mastiha or mastic, this unique product from Chios, is used as an ingredient in the preparation of desserts, confectionery products and pastries (read more on our article). 

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