Homemade chicken souvlakia

servings6 servings preparation time15 min.pause time15 min.cooking time15 min.difficultyeasypricecheap

Ingredients for the skewers

Ingredients for the composition


  • 1 barbecue or grill pan
  • metal skewers fro souvlakia
  • baking paper for wrapping
  • blender



First, cut the chicken into pieces of the same size, as much as possible, and put them in a large bowl.


Then, in a blender, add the extra virgin olive oil, parsley, pepper, lemon juice and zest, oregano and thyme and mash.


Then pour the chicken over the marinade, mix well and leave for 15-20 minutes. At the end add the salt and mix again.


While the chicken is marinating, you can cut the onion into slices, the tomato into pieces and prepare the french fries.


Thread the chicken pieces in the metal straws and bake them in the barbecue or in the grill pan.


When the skewers are ready, you can serve them in two ways:

  • either remove the skewer and wrap it with the baking paper in a pita, adding onion, tomato, fries and tzatziki
  • either serve them as a portion with the pita cut on the plate and the vegetables, the fries and the tzatziki next to the meat!

Serve with a greek salad and a beer or a glass of wine or even a soda!

Bon appetit !

Souvlaki merida brochettes de poulet, pain pita, frites, tzatziki et tomates

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