Lefkada (Greek: Λευκάδα) is a Greek island on the side of the Ionian Sea. It’s the only ionnian island that can be reached by car thanks to a small bridge. It owes its name to its impressive white chalk cliffs located in the southern part. During the Middle Ages, it was called Sainte-Maure (in Greek: Αγία Μαύρα).

Le château fort d'Aghia Mavra à l'entrée de Leucade
Le château fort d’Aghia Mavra à l’entrée de l’île

Lefkada is a mountainous island, whose highest peak, Mount Stavrota, rises to 1148 meters above sea level, and has a rich vegetation to the east and south.

The shores to the east, green, are sheltered from the wind and are lined with small islands, the best known are Skorpios (famous for being the property of the rich shipowner Aristotle Onassis, on which he celebrated his marriage with Jackie Kennedy) , Madouri and Sparti. Several small maritime villages like Nikiana are to the east, as well as Nidri, one of the most touristic sites of the island. The remains of a prehistoric city and circular tombs of the same period have persuaded some archaeologists that Lefkada was the homeland of Ulysses !

The west coast, on the other hand, is immense, with spectacular colors and immense cliffs, often accompanied by long beaches of fine sand with turquoise water.

La plage de Porto Katsiki sur l'île de Leucade
La plage de Porto Katsiki sur l’île de Leucade
La plage de Kokkinos Vrachos sur l'île de Leucade
La plage de Kokkinos Vrachos sur l’île de Leucade
Le cap Lefkata d'où Sappho s'est jetée dans la mer
Le cap Lefkata d’où Sappho s’est jetée dans la mer

In Lefkada you will be able to taste the best lentils of your life, which come from the small village of Egklouvi. The island also produces renowned honey, olive oil, aromatic herbs (oregano, sage, thyme), wine and sweet treats (pasteli, mandola, ladopita) inherited from the Venetian era.

Rue pittoresque de la ville de Leucade
Rue pittoresque de la ville de Leucade

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