Her Majesty’s Mojito

Mojito is a traditional Cuban cocktail. It consists normally of white rum, sugar cane juice, lime juice, soda water and mint leaves. Thanks to these ingredients has become a very popular summer cocktail. Its name could be related to “mojo“, a Cuban seasoning for their dishes made from lime or it is a derivative of “mojado” which means “wet” in Spanish.

Mojito’s origin is considered by many that is Havana, but it is debatable. According to an other version, local South American Indians in order to cure some tropical illnesses came back from Cuba with aguardiente de caña (a form of rum made from sugar cane) mixed with lime (which prevented dysentery and scurvy), sugarcane juice and mint. There is also the version that mojito came from the Guarapo, the sugar cane juice, a popular drink among the African slaves worked in sugar cane fields during the 19th century.

One of the favourite drinks of Ernest Hemingway is mojito who made the bar “La Bodeguita del Medio” in Havana for its mojitos. He wrote “My mojito in La Bodeguita, my daquiri in El Floridita” on a wall of the bar, handwritten and signed in his name.

There are many versions nowadays of this cocktail like the “Rose Mojito”, “Nojito” or “Virgin Mojito”, “Cojito”, “South Side”, “Mojito Blanco” in Mexico, “Mojito de toronja” and “Mojito de maracuyá” in Peru and many others.

Did you know that in 2016 Mojito was the most popular cocktail in France and in Britain?

servings1 serving preparation time5 min.difficultyvery easypricecheap



  • 1 highball glass
  • 1 bar spoon



In a highball glass, pour the lemon juice, sugar syrup and add mint leaves.


Stir with a bar spoon.


Then, add ice , the gin and top up with sparkling water Mastiqua.


Garnish with a mint sprig and a cucumber peel twist.


Your Majesty’s Mojito is accompanied ideally with roasted pistachios from Aegina and with cretan breadsticks !


Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Consume with moderation.

Her Majesty's Mojito cocktail au Mastiqua, l'eau pétillante au mastiha de Chios


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