Youvetsi with sun-dried tomatoes and Melicloro

Melichoro or melipasto is a cheese that is traditionally produced on the island of Lemnos and has been an integral part of the diet of the island’s inhabitants for centuries. It is made from sheep’s milk. After they strain the cheese, they expose it to shady areas at the beginning of summer because there is then less moisture in the atmosphere until it is dehydrated. The cheese initially has a creamy texture, between pale and dry. From this state comes his name. As the dehydration continues, the cheese becomes harder. It’s perfect for accompanying your pasta or making it as fried.

servings4 servings preparation time10 time20 min.difficultyeasypricecheap



  • 1 cooking pot
  • 1 deep frying pan



First, boil the kritharaki (or orzo) in a pot for about 10 minutes and strain it.


In a large, deep frying pan heat the extra virgin olive oil and sauté the onion and garlic.


Add the sun-dried tomatoes and continue sautéing for 1-2 minutes.


Then add the water, tomato, thyme, salt and pepper and mix.


When the sauce starts to boil, pour the kritharaki and mix well.


Cook for another about 10 minutes, until the kritharaki has softened.


Serve when it is still hot by pouring the grated melichloro on top.


If you do not find melichloro, you can add gruyere, kefalotyri or myzuthra.

Combined with a glass of white wine Adolis Ghis!

Enjoy !

Giouvetsi aux tomates sechées, tomates et thym, avec des pâtes kritharaki


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