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    Greek authentic cow's milk yoghurt 1kg DODONI, front view

    Greek authentic cow's milk yoghurt

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    Dodoni cow's milk yogurt has been made in Epirus in the traditional way for years using only quality Greek and pasteurized milk, with the addition of only yoghurt culture.

    It has a light taste and high nutritional value, since it is rich in proteins, carbohydrates, fats, calcium, phosphorus, minerals, trace elements and vitamins A and B. All this makes it an ideal food for the whole family.

    You can taste it in the morning with cereal or fruit, with honey and nuts or glyka tou koutaliou (spoon sweets). You can also use it in other recipes, such as to make tzatziki, savoury muffins, pies, savoury soufflé, salad dips and sauces, yogurt desserts, cheesecakes or even yogurt panna cotta!

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