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Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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The extra virgin olive oil of “Koroneiki” variety of premium quality is extracted from an award-winning olive variety, renowned for its high polyphenol and other antioxidant levels. 

It is produced from olive groves in Peloponnese. The area climate (aridity standard), as much as the soil characteristics (chemical and grading composition, ion exchange capacity, organic compound and inorganic salt solvent concentration) guarantee the excellent quality of the Koroneiki variety.

Its colour is bright green and has fruity aroma. Its flavour is described as slightly pungent, juicy and fresh. Used in cooking, it offers unique savour and fresh taste. Koroneiki variety is ideal for the salads like horiatiki, cooked meat, bread and greek yoghurt for your creations like tzatziki.

It is an extra virgin olive oil of singularly low acidity (<0,4) and a typical example of the Koroneiki flavour.

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