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    Rosemary 80g

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    Rosemary is a plant, known to the Greeks since antiquity as it was considered a gift from the goddess Aphrodite. It was used in various religious ceremonies, in temple decorations but also for incense. On the other hand, the students wore rosemary wreaths in the exams, because it helped in the concentration. Its name in Latin means dew of the sea because they believed that it only needs moisture from the sea.

    Rosemary is used as a spice but also as a decoction. In the kitchen it is used in various dishes based on lamb, beef, barbecue (chicken fillet, pork chop), focaccia, potatoes, shrimp skewers and dishes with red sauces.

    As an infusion it is tonic, strengthens memory, helps with the flu, while it has antimicrobial and antioxidant action.

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