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Throubi (Summer Savory) 70g

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Summer savory is an aromatic plant, similar to oregano and thyme and used for years in cooking.

In ancient Greece, summer savory was added to wine, while today its decoction is used to rinse the barrels before pouring the wine to kill the fungi, while its healing properties have been known since antiquity, as reported by Theophrastus and Dioscorides. The Romans used it as an aphrodisiac.

Summer savory is used either as a decoction or as a spice. It can be used in dishes such as legumes (mainly beans and peas), grilled meats, mushrooms, soups, stews and minced meat among others. Its decoction is considered tonic with antibacterial and antimicrobial action, helps digestion and fights cough.

Best-before date soon (30/12/2022), but the product remains delicious and consumable after this date so hurry up to take advantage of this exceptional offer!


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