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Agoureleo extra virgin olive oil 'Koroneiki' Early Harvest 500ml PHILOTIMO, with label front view

Agoureleo extra virgin olive oil 'Koroneiki' Early Harvest 500ml

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This Agoureleo extra virgin olive oil is produced from the first batch of hand-picked, still unripe Koroneiki olives and marks the start of the new season.

The olives are cold pressed in a few hours to preserve their quality and aromas, while the olive oil is bottled immediately, without going through any filtration and labeled Agoureleo.

Strong aroma of freshly cut grass and green herbs with a fresh, fruity, intense taste and a pleasantly bitter aftertaste. It is robust and strongly pungent, so consumers might express it as a burning sensation on the tongue.

You will simply love this unique extra virgin olive oil for their creations, as it truly transforms any dish.

The ideal way to enjoy it is on a slice of freshly baked bread or in your salads (dakoshoriatiki or Greek saladhorta vrasta). It will make the difference in pasta, fish and soups and can be used in all Mediterranean dishes (gigantes and trahanas with tomatoes ).

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