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    Premium extra virgin olive oil « Savoil Vivre » 250ml SAVOUIDAKIS, front view

    Premium extra virgin olive oil « Savoil Vivre » 250ml

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    The refined Cretan premium extra virgin olive oil "Savoil Vivre" is inspired by the French Savoir Vivre and is designed for those who know how to "live" with high quality and aesthetics as criteria!

    This olive oil is obtained directly from olives of the Koroneiki variety.

    Its taste is delicate but spicy that burns in the throat due to high phenols and its aroma has notes of fresh green olive, pepper, almond and apple.

    It is ideal to be served raw in salads such as horiatiki, dako, in green salads, but it can be used as a final touch to your dishes just before serving!

    It is an excellent gift idea for those who love cooking, for Christmas, Easter or for yourself!

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