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    Mavromatika, black-eyed peas of Feneos 500g Dikotilon, front view

    Mavromatika, black-eyed peas of Feneos 500g

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    Black-eyed beans are grown in Feneos, Corinthia, an area that is almost synonymous with legumes! Black-eyed beans are a special dish of greek cuisine, which is found mainly as a cold salad with herbs or as a salad with shrimp or octopus with vinegar or with various vegetables. They can also be made into "yahni" with red sauce or you can combine them with cheese or yogurt, wheat bread or tahini.

    Black-eyed beans do not have many calories, while at the same time they are rich in nutrients. It is worth noting that a serving of black-eyed beans provides the body with as much protein as half a steak.

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