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    Bouyourntí spicy, tomato and pepper spread with Feta 250g

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    Spicy bouyourntí is a special appetizer made from tomatoes, Florina pepper, spices and of course feta (PDO)! This version of the mild Bouyiourntí of Dolopia is slightly altered using Feta cheese, which provides a little bit less acidity. The spices used are hotter than the "classic" one.

    It can ideally accompany spicy appetizers such as sausage and meatballs with a glass of tsipouro! You can use it as a dip for breadsticks and vegetable sticks ! You can use it in small quantities as a base for pizza, as a sauce for burger or sandwich, as well as to make original canapes if you want to give a hot note to your creations.

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